Agent Profile

Jill is the owner operator of Croft Realty and personally managers the day to day running of her Boutique Property Management Agency.

There are very few Property Management Business owners who actually work hands on in their business. These days, employed Property Managers are landed with too many properites to manage on their own. Hence things all go pear shaped and they finally quit! Leaving goodness knows what behind? Owing to all of the above, we are seriously dedicated to being a hands on Agency.

We can only achieve what we have set out to do, by carefully selecting and limiting the number of rental properties we manage, ensuring we can practise what we preach! It is a total impossibility for a single Property Manager to take responsibility for a portfolio of 150 or more properties. It does and is happening in our industry and that is precisely where things go wrong and we all end up with a bad reputation.

Our Agency has chosen a more hands on approach at a Boutique level. We can personally manage your investment in a more controlled environment in the day to day operations of Property Management. You can actually get to speak directly to us, without being passed on!

Often Landlords have sold their property because of the grief and financial hardship they have experienced! Even worse, just put up with bad management and hope for the best! Jill is very aware of this and with her practical hands on approach, she has created clients for life! Jill has the expertise and experience to give a professional opinion in both the sales and the rental market.

NO OBLIGATION appraisals are welcome! A Boutique family business, with a big differece! 22 years of local knowledge! Personalised Property Management! A heathier business approach. We are PASSIONATE about looking after and safe guarding your investment property!